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    No. Whoever told us that we have to start thinking about “what we want to do” and “who we want to be” from our youngest age so that we can “fend for ourselves” got it all so f*cking backward. It fucked us up. Shriveled Americans into— robots… who churn out work… and for what?? We are so consumed by our realities, our experiences, our need to be “self-sufficient”… that we don’t let ourselves experience miracles anymore. It is the most frustrating thing… to still be… here. Be now. Be this. (It’s a travesty that “regular jobs” are called “regular.” Those jobs should be the “abnormal” ones.)

    But it’s all we prepare for in school. School— Hilarious. A thousand people with a thousand separate families and a thousand separate problems… a thousand separate horrible weekends and sinus problems and insomnia… All forced to wake up early so that other people with their own problems can “teach” them all to repeat the same thing— that if we memorize and cheat and tie our shoelaces, we will make it.

    — Writer Brett Lewis for character “Tiffany Blues” of Fall Out Toy Works
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